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Why I Chose Oral Medicine

Updated: Feb 12

You may or may not be familiar with oral medicine, so briefly, oral medicine is the field of dentistry concerned with the evaluation and management of medical conditions that affect the oral cavity and maxillofacial structures. The disorders we focus on include facial pain, temporomandibular disorders, salivary gland disorders, oral lesions, oral cancer, etc.

The practice of oral medicine involves managing a patient in totality and not just their oral cavity. I value interacting with patients and bringing relief and comfort to those in pain and distress, and I firmly believe that a kind word and a sensitive ear are crucial to the healing process.

During dental school at New York University College of Dentistry, oral medicine stood out as my greatest area of passion in dentistry. Over time, I have found the practice of oral medicine endlessly stimulating.

The wide variety of disorders affecting the oral and maxillofacial region and the opportunity to treat oral diseases in medically complex patients offered me both the challenges and the potential for fulfillment that I was seeking in a career.

The intellectual and technical aspects of practicing oral medicine inspire me. I enjoy assimilating the data from a patient’s initial presentation, analyzing information, and then arriving at a diagnosis. The subsequent process of actively intervening to manage my patients is truly rewarding and fulfilling.

This intellectual approach, the practical application, and the opportunity to help people in pain or discomfort motivated me to choose oral medicine.


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