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What is Oral Medicine?

Updated: Feb 12

Oral medicine is a dental specialty focused on the prevention, diagnosis, and non-surgical management of medical conditions affecting the oral and maxillofacial region. In other words, oral medicine bridges the gap between medicine and dentistry.

Oral medicine specialists in the United States of America complete a minimum of two years of residency training in a dental school/hospital setting. In addition to our required oral medicine training, we rotate through various medical specialties relevant to our field, including but not limited to internal medicine, neurology, dermatology, hematology/oncology, otolaryngology (ENT).

Our training prepares us to identify and treat dental disease in medically compromised patients, oral lesions, oral manifestations of systemic diseases, oral side effects of medications, and non-dental orofacial pain such as temporomandibular disorders and neuropathic pain.

We have experience with ordering and interpreting advanced laboratory and imaging studies. When indicated, we partner with various dental and medical specialists to ensure our patients are effectively managed as they regain their health and quality of life.


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