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Oral Medicine Continuing Education (CE) Course

Oral Lesions: Recognition, Diagnosis, and Management

As an oral medicine clinician and educator, I enjoy teaching and speaking. Therefore, offering continuing education courses allows me to do both simultaneously.

I will teach a VIRTUAL oral medicine continuing education course titled: "Oral Lesions: Recognition, Diagnosis, and Management" on Monday, January 30, 2023, from 9 am to 4 pm. Hosted by Temple University Kornberg School of Dentistry.

If you are a healthcare professional interested in improving your clinical skills in recognizing, diagnosing, and managing oral mucosal disorders, I invite you to spend the day with me virtually.

This oral medicine continuing education is ideal for general dentists, specialist dentists, first-year oral medicine residents, dental hygienists, family practice, internal medicine, emergency room physicians, etc.

Click the link below for more information and registration details.

Course Description

Oral mucosal disorders encompass a wide variety of lesions with different etiologies. Some patients present with lesions with pathognomonic clinical characteristics, while others have similar clinical features, making them more challenging to diagnose. Using a problem-oriented as well as a case-based format, this course will review the etiologic factors, clinical presentations, differential diagnosis, diagnostic techniques, and therapeutic management of diverse oral mucosal and oral potentially malignant disorders.

Learner Outcomes

Upon course completion, you will:

• Know how to take a detailed clinical history from patients with oral lesions. • Know how to evaluate the oral cavity and recognize oral mucosal and oral potentially malignant disorders. • Be able to document lesions of the oral cavity. • Develop appropriate differential and working diagnoses. • Gain a better understanding of diagnostic techniques, adjuncts, and modalities for evaluation of oral mucosal and oral potentially malignant disorders. • Be able to manage common oral lesions encountered in dental practice. • Understand the importance of interdisciplinary management and referrals. • Be able to educate and counsel patients with oral lesions.


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